Poroshenko says Ukrainians at risk of losing faith in EU path

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said yesterday (16 January) Ukrainians risked becoming disillusioned with Ukraine’s pro-European path if there are further delays to plans to cement its closer integration with the European Union.

(c) EurActiv | 17.01.2017

Angela Merkel: We’ll respond to Trump’s criticism when he takes office

Germany will ‘obviously cooperate with the new US government.’

(c) | 17.01.2017

EU looks to trade treaty for better Turkey relations

The European Commission has asked member states to upgrade trade relations with Turkey, but said this would be conditional on respect for democracy.

(c) EUobserver | 22.12.2016

EU vows to mend terrorist data share failures

The European Commission is promoting another set of measures to crack down on terrorism and crime as part of its so-called security union.

(c) EUobserver | 21.12.2016

The race for EU membership

Enlargement is not high on the EU’s agenda, but that isn’t stopping its would-be members.

(c) | 15.12.2016

EU close to face-saving deal on Ukraine treaty

EU states are close to a face-saving deal on the Netherlands and Ukraine and have a “consensus” on the roll-over of Russia sanctions, diplomats say.

(c) EUobserver | 15.12.2016

EU, Mali sign deal to return refugees

The European Union on Sunday (11 December) signed an agreement with the Malian government aimed at enabling the return of migrants who have reached Europe’s shores, and whose asylum requests have been refused.

(c) EurActiv | 12.12.2016

Russia: ‘Illegal’ Ukrainian fining of Gazprom puts EU consumers at risk

Russian energy Minister Alexander Novak has called a $6.6 billion fine imposed by a court in Ukraine on his country’s gas export monopolist Gazprom illegal, and warned of “new risks for European consumers”.

(c) EurActiv | 12.12.2016

MEPs: EU should recognise ISIS crimes against Yazidi as genocide

The European Parliament’s 2016 Sakharov Prize will be awarded tomorrow (12 December) to Iraqi Yazidi survivors and activists. On this occasion, 104 MEPs signed a letter to the EU’s foreign affairs chief Federica Mogherini, asking the EU to recognise the ISIS genocide against the Yazidis.

(c) EurActiv | 12.12.2016

A new China emerges on trade battlefield

The US and Japan reject Beijing’s claim to be a market economy. The EU is trying to fudge the issue.

(c) | 12.12.2016