EU summit approves tortured conclusions on migration after sleepless night

EU leaders reached a much-needed deal on steps to tackle migration after resolving a bitter row with Italy’s inexperienced prime minister. Extended talks lasted through the night and only wrapped up on Friday morning (29 June).

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EU migration row risks aiding authoritarians, says Donald Tusk

The EU must tackle the migration crisis or risk losing ground to authoritarian leaders, the head of the European council, Donald Tusk, has said before the start of a summit that will be dominated by Europe’s response to people fleeing war, poverty or seeking a better life.

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Four major EU countries in favour of joint asylum policy for refugees - poll

In a wide-ranging opinion poll on migration led by Avaaz, the citizens of four major EU countries overwhelmingly said they were in favour of solidarity and a joint European asylum policy for refugees.

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European Union enlargement since 1957

The European Union began as an association of six countries in Western Europe in 1957. Since then, 22 countries have joined the bloc. DW takes a look at the EU's expansion through the years.

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Nine EU states sign off on joint European military intervention force

Nine European Union member states agreed on Monday, June 25 to form a joint military intervention force designed to rapidly deploy around the world. The European Intervention Initiative, proposed last year by French President Emmanuel Macron, has the support of the United Kingdom as it prepares to leave the E.U. next year.

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China Vice Premier Liu says China, E.U. aim to conclude talks on bilateral investment deal

China and the European Union aim to conclude talks on a bilateral investment agreement, Chinese Vice Premier Liu He said on Monday, as both sides agreed to oppose protectionism and defend the global multilateral trading system.

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Tensions build ahead of hastily prepared migration meeting

Jean-Claude Juncker’s invitation to a handful of EU leaders for an informal mini-summit on Sunday (27 June) to discuss migration and asylum appears to have raised more issues than the meeting can solve.

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EU tariffs on US goods come into force

The European Union (EU) has introduced retaliatory tariffs on US goods as a top official launched a fresh attack on President Donald Trump's trade policy.

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Commission defends Africa migrant plan ahead of summit

The European Commission is against creating a "Guantanamo Bay in Europe" for migrants, its migration commissioner insisted Thursday (21 June) - while pushing vague plans to set up special centres in north African countries to prevent people boarding boats to Italy.

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Albania justice minister: Next six months will be crucial for our EU bid

The member states are expected to vote next week on whether to open accession talks with Albania, as the Commission has recommended. The Balkan country has made progress in improving the rule of law but its EU prospects remain vague as several EU capitals have called for caution in planning the bloc’s next enlargement.

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