ANTERO Doctoral Studies Residencies exchange programme: First impressions

The ANTERO Doctoral Studies Residencies bursary and exchange programme of the ANTERO network allows PhD researchers from within the network to apply for bursaries that would support an extended residency (1-3 months) at another institution within the network. This scheme has already helped a few doctoral students within the network with their research, even beyond their PhD dissertation. Read some of their testimonies below:

IrinaPetrova Irina Petrova, Doctoral Candidate at Leuven International and European Studies (LINES) Institute, KU Leuven.

ANTERO exchange destination: Tampere University

“The research stay at Tampere University provided me with a number of unique professional opportunities. First and foremost, it contributed to my research in several ways: by extending the network of contacts, getting to know the researchers working at Tampere University, obtaining feedback on my research and exchanging ideas.”

“Importantly, the research stay provided me with the opportunity to discuss my doctoral research in-depth with the colleagues from the University of Tampere. My ongoing research was discussed at the doctoral seminar, which is a regular meeting of Politics department, chaired by Prof. Tuomas Forsberg. The doctoral seminar was attended by professors and researchers of the department. The paper was sent in advance and discussed in-depth at the meeting.”

“Thus, this although short but very intense research stay undoubtedly contributed to my research, as well as more broadly into the development of teaching and administration skills.”

Read Irina’s full report.

Igor Merheim-Eyre, PhD Candidate in International Relations, University of Kent.IgorMerheim-Eyre

ANTERO exchange destination: Katholieke University (KU) Leuven

“Overall, the Department of International Relations (LINES) provided me with excellent work place, and access to University resources. My work mainly focused on finalising my doctoral thesis, as well as developing a new research agenda for my post-PhD careers. During my stay, I successfully finalised the first full draft of my thesis, and I am currently finalising a second draft, with the aim of making a third and final revision before Christmas 2016.”

“I feel that the stay has been a fantastic opportunity, allowing me to work towards the finalisation of my PhD, helped me to develop new areas for research, while providing me with the possibility of learning about latest developments in decision-making and in academia. To this end, I would very much like to thank the ANTERO Network for the very kind financial support, which has been of huge help, and to Professor Whitman for supporting my applications. I would also like to extend my sincere gratitude to Professor Stephan Keukeleire, and all students and staff who have made me feel so welcomed in Leuven, and with whom we had hours of stimulating discussions on so many academic topics! This has been a truly fantastic opportunity.”

Read Igor’s full report.

For details on how and when to apply for the ANTERO Doctoral Studies Residencies bursary click HERE.