Introduction to the fundamental concepts, tools and theoretical approaches used to analyse international relations in general, European integration and (EU) foreign policy.

Conceptualising EU Foreign Policy

What drives EU foreign policy? An overview of the various approaches which scholars have used to conceptualise the nature of the EU and its external action, including Civilian Power, Normative Power, Market Power, Structural Power, Ethical Power, the Capability-Expectations Gap, Presence-Actorness, EU External Governance, etc.


A guide to general literature on EU foreign policy and external relations. Books focussing on more particular dimensions of EU external action can be found under the other specific sections and subsections of the website.


Links to the most prominent academic journals dealing with European politics and EU foreign policy.

Legal analysis

An introduction to the legal bases underpinning the structure of the EU, and particularly the legal foundations of its external action.

Perceptions of the EU

How does the rest of the world view the EU? An introduction to the various perceptions of the EU from around the globe.

Research centres and think tanks

A guide to the ever-growing range of think-tanks and research institutes focussing on EU external action and the EU's role in the world.

News websites

The best and most reliable news sources covering the day-to-day action in Brussels and beyond.

Data and statistics

Links to official EU and international databases covering demographic, economic, energy and military statistics.


A selection of must-follow blogs dealing with the EU and its external relations.